Our Services


We provide Building, Extraction Plant, City Water Board and Semiconductors Facilities Support Systems.


  • Programming Report, Site Evaluation, Tender Issue and Evaluation
  • Project Management Support
  • Schematic Design, Detail Design
  • Construction include Prefabrication, Welding, Modification, Installation, Test and Commissioning
  • System Handover

System Modification and Built

  • Water Softening and Demineralization System for Pre-Treatment Plant, Water Heater and Boiler
  • Ultra Pure Water System for Semi-Conductor Industry, RO skid
  • Purified Water and Water for Injection for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Waste Water Treatment System
  • Chemical Distribution System, Automated Dosing System
  • CDA System
  • Process Vacuum System
  • ACMV System
  • Tools Hook Up
  • PV System
  • Cooling Water System
  • PCW System
  • RODI System
  • Exhaust System